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Managed Services

In the world of information technology, everything is about prevention.

It's no mystery that small businesses in the Tampa Bay area use managed services to help reduce their costs and increase the proficiency of their computer networking environment. Outsourcing your IT department provides your company access to national and worldwide interaction without the worry and expense of maintaining an in-house staff of IT Technicians.

The proper management system can keep a multitude of problems from occurring. Consistently observing your company's systems cuts diagnostic time in half when it comes to solving a problem, therefore we'll be able to predict the major failures that could prevent your day-to-day operations. In addition, we'll discover bottlenecks that could be lowering productivity and we'll work with your staff to continually create better efficiency.

Increasing Your Profits
Outsourcing your IT needs to BreeSoft allows your business to focus on increasing your profit, focus on the job at hand and allow more time for your personnel to maximize their output and increase their productivity, while still being able to attain a high standard of consultation, network integration and system repair. Whether it be an onsite service call, troubleshooting your computer network remotely, or by providing other IT technical support, we can help.

Remote Support

Service Level Provisions

All levels of managed services offer the minimum provisions:

Monitoring Alerts

  • Anti-Virus Alerts
  • Data Backup Alerts
  • Problem Identification

Basic Preventative Maintenance

  • Disk Clean-Up
  • Defragmentation
  • Hard Drive Free Space Analysis

Quarterly Business Reviews

  • Network Health Performance Analysis
  • Audit of covered devices

Service Levels

BreeSoft offers three levels of Managed Services each of which is best suited for specific needs of each client as well as type of devices to be managed. Each higher level service includes the same provisions as the previous level:


  • 1-10 Seats
  • Two Business Days (16 hours) to resolve any problems


  • 11-25 Seats
  • One Business Day (8 hours) to resolve any problems
  • Scheduled server/workstation maintenance including virus/malware scans and software updates


  • 26-50 Seats
  • Half Business Day (4 hours) to resolve any problems
  • SNMP Monitoring
  • Firmware Updates on Selected Devices
  • Back-Up Configuration of Firewalls, VPNs
  • Exchange Database Defragmentation
  • DNS Clean-Up
  • Work Flow Optimization
  • Server/Workstation Physical Cleaning

Time Blocks

For those business clients that do not require recurring managed services but do have a high need for dedicated support, we offer time blocks. Time blocks are blocks of time purchased at discounted rates and in advance of services being provided.

The advantages of time blocks are that clients are provided discounted rates and higher-priority over standard billing clients. Unlike standard billing, where we charge clients full hourly rates with one-hour minimums and trip charge fees, time block clients call on us for help as often as needed (within their alotted time block) without being charged standard rates and hourly minimums. Instead, trip charges are waived and only the exact time spent with the client is accounted against the time block. The discounted hourly rate is based on the number of hours purchased and we offer five different block options.

Acquiring Time Blocks
Time blocks are purchased by our clients through their client portal of our billing system. You can purchase a time block as low as five hours, and as high as fifty hours. The more hours purchased correlates directly to the amount saved per hour. Click here to order a new block now.

Tracking Time Blocks
When a client with an active time block calls on us for service, we generate invoices just as we would for any other client. The difference is the hourly rate applied on the invoices created is determined by the active time block. Payments for these invoices are automatically recorded by applying credit from the active time block to the invoice. As such, remaining time is decreased and the invoice is marked paid. Clients are able to see how the time is being applied because our billing system will email the invoice to the client during invoice generation and also when payments and/or credits are applied to the invoice. Clients can also access their invoice history by logging into their client portal located here.